Welcome to the Death's Hand Brigade HQ

Greetings, MechWarrior!

Welcome to the Death's Hand Brigade main headquarters.  We're a tight knit mercenary corporation like no other.  We fight hard and train harder, and you'll be hard pressed to meet our equal in both skill and reputation.  Now that you're here, please take a few minutes and look around! 

Please take some time to review our history, Brigade Code of Conduct, and Colonel Havoc's Manifesto.  It'll give you some good insight on who we are and what we're about as a unit here.  If you have any questions, please feel free to register a new account and post them in the Recruitment forum on our site.  You are welcome to come and drop with us on Discord and we are accepting applications for membership.  In the mean time, keep your BattleMech systems online, and weapons hot.

See you dirt-side, MechWarrior.

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