History and Information

Who We Are

The Death's Hand Brigade are a collection of mature and like minded players from across the globe; brought together by a common love of all things Mechwarrior.  We have endured and accomplished much in whatever guise we wear. From Canada to Australia, from the northern reaches of England to the southern tips of the United States; our member base spans the globe.

We function as a military unit having adopted many of the structures and operational guidelines of a modern day military (rank, protocol, etc) but in the end we are a bunch of people who like each other beyond just what the color of our uniform happens to be.  We choose to put our friendships with one another first, keeping an eye towards respecting each other and everyone else we may meet, regardless of the colors they fly.  We do unto others as we would want done unto us, and if we meet someone disrespectful or rude, we quietly let them rant, best them in battle when the time comes, and just as quietly walk away with dignity, knowing we're doing the right thing.  Our motto on this is "Let our guns be the only thing to reply when an insult is cast our way".  

We choose to train, and focus on improving our abilities as Mechwarriors, while maintaining friendships with one another.  To be a part of the Brigade is to be a part of a family.  We follow the Brigade Code of Conduct, and Grievance Procedure when the need arises.  Lastly, the commander and Founder's vision is listed in the tenants of his Manifesto.  All Brigadiers are expected to read over and be familiar with these documents upon acceptance into the Death's Hand Brigade.   

How We Came To Be

The Death's Hand Brigade, formerly known as the Gray Death Legion of Battletech Lore has a rich and storied history dating back through many previous iterations of the MechWarrior franchise.  

Initially, DHB was going to be playing as the Gray Death Legion, (GDL) and we had made efforts to reserve our place in MWO under this banner.  However, in early May of 2012 the announcement was made that no canon mercenary unit, of which the Gray Death Legion most certainly was, would be allowed to be run, or controlled, by players.  Thus began the renaming of our mercenary corporation.  Potential unit names were submitted to the Command Staff and a series of votes took place over these names.  Ultimately the final decision was reached based on input from the entire unit and Colonel Havoc chose to rename the unit: Death's Hand Brigade.

One of the members of the Brigade, Killhunger, devoted his considerable artistic talent to the creation of a new unit logo, paying homage to the classic Gray Death Legion logo, but putting our own spin on it and making it uniquely our own.  The fruit of his labor can be seen on the front page of this site, and is a testament to his amazing artistic ability.  

Reestablishing a new website, purchasing domain names and setting up our own Teamspeak server came along after this, as did exponential growth of the Brigade.

We are now one of the most recognized & respected units within Mechwarrior online thanks to the hard work and dedication of each and every member of the Brigade.  Our reputation is second to none, and no matter who we face, we always give a good showing of our abilities when we meet opponents on the field.  Offering 'good luck' before the match and 'great game' afterwards, whether we win, or lose.  We will continue to build on and expand this reputation as MechWarrior Online grows and flourishes in the future, and always ensure that we're having fun, and that our opponents are given a challenge every time they square off against us.  

How To Apply

Please note: The use of Discord voice communications is mandatory within the Death’s Hand Brigade.
Application Process:
  • 1.) Register for the website, then fill out an application by clicking on the Apply Now button below
  • 2.) Log onto the Discord server and contact an available Battalion Liaison.
  • 3.) The Battalion Liaison will take you through the Brigade Orientation process.
  • 4.) Afterward, the Battalion Liaison will grant you an [Applicant] rank, allowing you to move freely on the server.
  • 5.) While an Applicant, you should participate on the Discord server and Brigade Forums as regularly as possible.
  • 6.) After a minimum of one week, you will be asked for a Recruitment Interview with Senior Officers.
  • 7.) If the interview goes well, you will be granted the [Recruit] rank.
  • 8.) After a minimum of two weeks, you may request assignment to a particular Battalion.
  • 9.) Once you have been assigned to a Battalion, you will be granted full [Pilot] or [Mechwarrior] rank.
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