Teamspeak Etiquette

The following are not a series of exact rules, but strong guidelines and general etiquette for Discord that should be followed by anyone online.  Please contact a member of the command staff if you should have any questions about the content.


Battle Comms
While we should feel at ease to talk to each other prior to the countdown, we need to tighten up comms once the countdown begins. All chatter needs to stop the moment searching has stopped and the pre-battle lineup is shown. Battle Comms starts at this point. This means that any chatter not related to the drop needs to be put on hold until after everyone is back to the Mechlab.

Drop Commanders (DCs) need to be able to speak without delay so that orders and tactical adjustments can be given, understood and executed as quickly a possible. Soon after the initial strategy is set up by the DC, scouts will begin giving their vital intel so that the DC can adjust their plan if needed. 

The #1 Sin
Don’t talk while another person is talking. It is difficult if not impossible to understand either person when this happens. It will happen from time to time due to the hectic nature of big engagements and that is okay. Just do your best to not interrupt and talk over others. 

Self Awareness
Step outside yourself and take note of the amount of time you spend talking on comms. Try not to hog up comms. This is very important when you consider how many recruits, applicants and visitors we have. We need to allow openings on comms so that new people have a chance to speak and interact with the group so we can get to know them.

Also take note of how loud you are. MWO is fun and exciting at it's best and we all get excited. But remember that most of us have headphones on. Try and refrain from being too loud so we aren't having our ears blasted out when you speak. 
Note:You can right click users and adjust their volume if you find somebody to be too loud. Often this is easier than trying to convince or tell somebody how to turn their mic level down.

Scouting and Intel
Try to be concise and as efficient as possible. If you are not, DCs and other sources of intel have to wait for you to finish or talk over you. This makes for a chaotic comm channel and can lead to a disappointing loss and frustration within the group.

When you see hostile movement report how many targets there are, the class and/or types, where they are on the map grid and the direction they are heading.

Example: "We've got 4 targets in E4 moving down the 4 line. Two Atlas, an Awesome, and a K2."

We don't really need to know exactly what each mech is and what their target designation is(A,B,C, etc.). The letter designation will be called out by the drop commander or target callers when selecting targets for focus fire. It is counter productive to report; "Bravo is and Atlas, Charlie is an Atlas, Delta is an Awesome and Echo is a K2." It's overkill and the drop commander has to wait for you to finish before he can issue an order to counter hostile movements. 

We also don't need to know the entire load-out of all the mechs that have been spotted. LRMs, AC/40 Jagers and other priority mechs should be identified as priority targets for sure, but everybody has the ability to see the load-outs of enemy mechs on their own screen once targeted. It takes up too much time to read out the weapon load-outs on every mech. If you don’t know what mechs are considered top priority, ask your drop commander.

Tags do not need to be called out repeatedly. It is very easy to identify targets that have been tagged. Prior to dropping groups should sort out how many LRM mechs there are and how many tags will be fielded. If you are going to tag a target, say it once. Ideally the LRM pilots should state if targets are out of range or obstructed. LRM pilots should be letting taggers know what the best targets are.

"I cannot put LRMs on Delta, tag Echo or Foxtrot if you can".

"Putting LRMs on Alpha." - This lets other LRM pilots know which target to assist and taggers who they should target.

Target Calling
This will vary from group to group. Some groups have drop commanders and are serious business while other groups are casual and perhaps nobody will be calling the drops. In regards to the latter, if nobody is calling targets do not be afraid to declare that you are engaging a target. Do not hesitate to ask that the primary target be repeated.

If there are no targets being called and you say; "engaging Echo, K2 Catapult", chances are you are not the only person that has a line of sight on the target and others will follow your lead. If you hear somebody declare a target make an attempt to find and engage the target.

Declaring a target when none are being called doesn't obligate you to assume the drop commander role, but it will help secure victory.

If you are in an LRM setup don't hesitate to say, "putting LRMs on Foxtrot". If there are other LRM or long range pilots they will know who to focus fire on and pilots equipped with tag will be inclined to assist you.

Ready & Waiting
You can find two channels in the Combat Operations section of teamspeak, just above the various dropships. These channels are where to wait for an available position in a currently running dropship, either for general play, or for a group with an active Drop Commander.  Please do not jump directly into a dropship without being invited, and if you are in or running a group, keep an eye on the ready & waiting channels to pick up additional players when possible.

Dropship Usage

The following chart outlines the different dropship channels and their general usage:

Dropship NameDropship Description
Dropship Alpha
Dropship Bravo
Dropship Charlie
General purpose dropships with no play structure guidelines
Drunkship DeltaThis is a channel used for generally hanging out and having fun, most members generally having a few (generally adult) drinks as the dropship name implies.
Dropship EchoThis channel is used for event based drops such as weekly challenges, PGI sponsored activities, or Charity Events
Dropship Foxtrot
Dropship Golf
Dropship Hotel
All active participants in these dropships must be in a group with an active Drop Commander. It is expected that all drops in these channels are of a competition caliber which includes adhering to drop commander instructions, running competitive based mechs and builds, and high comms discipline. Participants disrupting the general flow of drops may be asked to leave the group and channel after a warning has been given.

Push-to-Talk vs Voice Activation
Push-to-talk is highly recommended but not required. Nobody wants to hear you chewing your food, you talking to someone outside the game, or your coughing into their ear. If you can pull that off with Voice Activation and a mute button, then more power to you. If not, then you may be asked to switch to Push-to-Talk. Just remember to try and be courteous to those you are playing with.

Teamspeak Avatars
1. Avatars must never include images or text that is racist/bigoted in nature. This includes remarks, commentary, or statements regarding color, gender, nationality, creed, sexual orientation or religious views. This is in direct violation of the DHB CoC, and may be grounds for immediate removal and ban without warning.

2. No uncensored foul language.

3. Images than include men and/or women should not show body parts that would be covered by a practical bathing suit. Think PG-13.

4. If you are unsure if an avatar is appropriate, ask a higher ranking officer. Chances are if you have to ask, it probably isn't.

While these rules are intended to cover most situations, it would be impossible to cover all scenarios. As a result we can simply post guidelines, keeping in mind that discretion is advised, and it is always better to err on the side of caution when in doubt.

If you have any questions or would like clarification on any item listed above, please send a PM to a command level officer. Chances are if you have to ask about your avatar then it's going too far.


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