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Command Staff Update

May 2014

News and Information

Welcome to our recent new recruits and applicants that have joined since the release of the Launch Module!

Spring time is here, and with it comes the winds of change!  Activity and buzz is starting to pick up for MechWarrior Online.

Come back and check out MWO

Let’s be honest, it’s been a long stretch without a lot of major features coming into MechWarrior Online. With all the recent balance changes, fixes, new mechs (Clan mechs in 6 weeks), and most importantly now the launch module, it’s a great time to check back in with MWO and see how the game has changed if you’ve been sitting out for a while.

Gimpy’s Fundraiser Result

Our very own Gimpy ran a fundraiser benefitting Multiple Sclerosis from April 25-28.  As of April 30th he’s raised over $4,000 which is over twice his original goal for the fundraiser!  Congratulations and well done!  If you would also like to donate to the cause, you can still do so here.

Launch Module Now Available for MWO!

PGI has taken the first step toward the Community Warfare features and has recently released the Launch Module.  This module allows for private matches against other groups.  This means that sync dropping is a thing of the past for competitive and training drops!

Now you can pull together groups of 12 and organize groups before the drop begins.  With the group leaders activating premium time, you get additional benefits of being able to control the match parameters; including map and group size!  This means you can do smaller lance vs. lance combat, or even duels.

What this means in a broader sense for DHB is the return of more organized and productive training sessions.  Please check in with your Battalion XOs on TeamSpeak, or on our forums in the Battalion channels, to find out when the next training nights are for your Battalion/time zone.

Command Staff Meeting

The monthly Command Staff meeting will take place on Saturday, May 10th at the standard meeting time.  XOs, please see the forums for details and agenda.


The TeamSpeak server will be up for renewal on June 9, 2014 – Cost £182.40 (~$307 USD)
The Website server will be up for renewal on July 10, 2014 – Cost $89.85 USD for 3 months

Current Funds

As of May 2, the DHB group funds are sitting at $183 USD.  Donations for the upcoming TeamSpeak renewal are not expected or required, although greatly and humbly appreciated.  All donated funds go directly to TeamSpeak and Website upkeep/costs.





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