DHB HQ - June 2014 Command Staff Update

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Command Staff Update

June 2014

News and Information

The clans are here!  New mechs will be available for everyone to master this month, along with much needed HSR fixes for SRMs.  Work is beginning on a DHB recruitment video, along with other tasks like additional company level awards.  See the DHB HQ forums for the most up to date information.

Star Citizen - Arena Commander Released

For early alpha backers, the Arena Commander module is now available.  This is a single player mode allowing for both free flight and horde combat modes.  Multiplayer is being phased in over the next weeks/months as well

Competitive Matches vs Other Organizations

Research is taking place to start bringing back competitive matches against other organizations in MW:O.  If you are interested in taking part, please see the related Battalion forum posts or contact your commanding officer.  More specific information and timing will be forthcoming.

Clan packages now online

For those that have purchased Clan packages, they are coming online.  They will be available with the June 17th patch to be exact.  Very exciting times, this will likely bring back a good number of players back to the game and create quite a good mix of mechs leading up to the Community Warfare components.

Also included in the 17th update is a major fix to SRM hit-detection which will add more capability to brawling to help combat the heavy PPC and (U)AC5 meta currently encountered.

Command Staff Meeting

The monthly Command Staff meeting will take place on Saturday, June 21st at the standard meeting time.  XOs, please see the forums for details and agenda.

DHB Twitch Streams



If any Brigadiers would like their twitch stream added to this list, please send a message to Lt Col Caviel with the twitch stream address, or add to this thread


The TeamSpeak server will be up for renewal on June 9, 2015 – Cost £182.40 (~$307 USD)
The Website server will be up for renewal on July 10, 2014 – Cost $89.85 USD for 3 months

Current Funds

As of June 16, the DHB group funds are sitting at $250 USD.  All donated funds go directly and exclusively to TeamSpeak and Website upkeep/costs and improvements.


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