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Command Staff Update

July 2014

News and Information

The beast is beginning to stir once again.  Larger training group sessions are now taking place.  For those DHBers that have been in the reserves waiting for new things to come to MW:O, come back and give the game another try!

Large Groups active once again

The biggest change in MW:O as of late is the new matchmaker.  With the updated system, you can now drop solo, or in group sizes of 2-10 or 12.  Many are now playing in larger 8-10 and 12 pilot groups, some feeling that drops have been the most fun since the earlier Beta days when we would run 2-4 12 pilot groups during prime times.

Special Projects Underway

There are several special projects in the works.  In addition to general site maintenance and reorganizational improvements being made, there are several special projects in the works.

The award system is being improved with additional awards soon available to current and active Brigadiers.  We're also working on a new recruitment video, with footage scheduled for filming in the new month.

If you have interest in assisting with these projects, other projects listed on the forums, or even want to present your own idea(s), please check the Pilot's Lounge for more information.

New Match Maker for MWO!

MW:O now features a new grouping system with two queues, both a solo queue and a group queue.  You can now create teams with sizes between 2-10, or 12 pilots each.

The 4/4/4/4 mech type restrictions are also in place now, with "release valves" in place to slowly deviate from 4/4/4/4 or exact Elo ranking matches as wait times increase.  Teams will now have even weight classes for both teams as well.  Here's a quick breakdown on groups:

Solo players - Automatically in solo queue

Groups w/ 2-4 players - Can be added to either solo or group queue.  Solo queue teams will no longer have more than one group per team.

Groups w/ 5-10 or 12 players - Automatically added to the group queue.

Command Staff Meeting

The monthly Command Staff meeting will take place in late July at the standard meeting time.  COs/XOs, please see the forums for the specific date, details, and agenda.

DHB Twitch Streams



If any Brigadiers would like their twitch stream added to this list, please send a message to Lt Col Caviel with the twitch stream address, or add to this thread


The Website server will be up for renewal on October 10, 2014 – Cost $89.85 USD for 3 months
The TeamSpeak server will be up for renewal on June 9, 2015 – Cost £182.40 (~$307 USD) for 12 months

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