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Command Staff Update

August 2014

News and Information

Happy August everyone!  It is still technically August, and time for a quick monthly update:

4th Battalion 10th in North America!

The Magician from SJR recently compiled a list of the top performing groups between the Run Hot or Die (RHoD) and Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission (MRBC) leagues.  Our very own 4th Battalion is currently ranked 10th overall for North America.  Congratulations and well done to all of you taking part from 4th Battalion!

New Map on the Horizon

PGI will be releasing a new map for MW:O soon, a "mech factory" based map.  Initial feedback has been very positive on the layout, it's a good time to dust off mechs and come back to learn the new balance changes and prep for the new map.

Easier TeamSpeak address now available

There is a recent URL addition for TeamSpeak server.  You can now reach our server at a much easier to remember ts3.deathshandbrigade.net:10147

Command Staff Meeting

The monthly Command Staff meeting will take place in August at the standard meeting time.  COs/XOs, please see the forums for the specific date, details, and agenda.

Phase One of Community Warfare Online!

Probably the most exciting news for August is that phase one of community warfare is now available.  What does this mean?  We are now officially a registered merc unit in game, with all members receiving [DHB] tags for player display!

It was a bit of a rocky start with the initial issues with the unit, although we were able to get these resolved with the help of PGI and we're inviting folks as fast as we can.  You'll need to switch your account to show "Merc Group" as your faction on the mwomercs.com website in your profile settings before you'll be able to join the unit in game.

Please be sure to jump onto the TeamSpeak server soon and talk with anyone with a Captain or higher rank to get invited in game and set with your rank.

The coffers are available for donation, and there are rumors stemming from prior CW related explanations from PGI that we'll need about 220 million C-Bills for our first dropship as CW progresses beyond unit creation.  We'll know more as time goes on, keep tabs on our forums for details.

DHB Twitch Streams



If any Brigadiers would like their twitch stream added to this list, please send a message to Lt Col Caviel with the twitch stream address, or add info to this thread


The website server will be up for renewal on October 10, 2014 – Cost $89.85 USD for 3 months
The domain name will be up for renewal on October 10, 2014 – Cost $14.95 USD for 12 months
The TeamSpeak server will be up for renewal on June 9, 2015 – Cost £182.40 (~$307 USD) for 12 months

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