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Command Staff Update

December 2014

News and Information

The DHB Command Staff would like to wish you all health and happiness this holiday season and in the year to come!  Lots of exciting things this month, let's get started with the biggest news first...

Community Warfare Beta is Live!!

At long last, the battle for planets has begun!  PGI has released the Community Warfare module a bit early, and feedback so far is extremely positive.  There is a new game mode of Invasion, and two maps to go with it.

The Inner Sphere Balistic Behemoth Now Available!

For those that have purchased a Legendary, Overload, Masakari, Man O' War, or Wrath pack/collection, you have been gifted a KGC-000(L).  That's right, the King Crab is now a playable mech!  There are three additional variants available for C-Bills currently if you want to get a jump on unlocking master.  This is definitely a dangerous mech to run up against in the field.

Joining the DHB Unit In Game

Brigadiers not yet a part of the in game DHB unit, please talk to a Captain or higher so they can provide you with an invite.  All recruits or higher in good standing are welcome to join the in-game unit.

If you have been away for a while and returning to DHB and MWO, welcome back!  In most cases we can process you quickly back into the unit as a MechWarrior and get you playing.  Please talk to a Battalion Liaison (Yellow Shield) and they will sort out any details on getting you back in the active roster.

DHB Takes the Marik Planet of Wing

Our conquest of the Inner Sphere has begun with our first major victory on the planet of Wing!  You can watch the remote satelite feed here of this momentous occation.  

Command Staff Meeting

The monthly Command Staff meeting will take place December 20th at the standard meeting time.  COs/XOs, please see the forums for the specific details and agenda and try to attend if you are able.

DHB Twitch Streams


If any Brigadiers would like their twitch stream added to this list, please send a message to Lt Col Caviel with the twitch stream address, or add to this thread


The Website server will be up for renewal on January 10, 2015 – Cost $89.85 USD for 3 months
The TeamSpeak server will be up for renewal on June 9, 2015 – Cost £182.40 (~$307 USD) for 12 months

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