DHB HQ - June Command Staff Update

Greetings everyone!

Here comes the June command update for everyone, keeping people in the loop about what's on the burners in the Brigade here. I'll try to keep this thing relatively short, but it's me after all and I make no promises I won't drift into my monologist ways. I should hire an editor... heh.

Firstly, I'd like to announce that our TeamSpeak server has officially been re-upped for another year! Thank you to all those who have donated funds towards to be used for the website and TeamSpeak so far. We've also been cleaning up the server so there are fewer channels floating around being unused. I've written a more detailed post about this in the pilot lounge section, in the announcements at the top of the forum. If you'd like to see more on it, please feel free to check it out!

Second, we're working on getting the Battalion rosters organized and accurate with the individual battalion command staff. With the recent implementation of our awards system, (which if you haven't checked out is very awesome! Check the announcements in the pilot lounge for a detailed description and what the awards look like) we're trying to make sure that the rosters are accurate so we can start giving out awards, medals, and letting folks show off some bling on their uniform in the roster section. If you want to see your uniform, check out the roster on the DHB website and look under your name! Please be sure to help your Battalion command with this as much as you can so we can get folks their awards!

Third, with organization of our Battalion's rosters, we want to start back up with inter-battalion training once again. Scheduled matches between the E.U., N.A., and O.C. Battalions to test ourselves. Iron sharpens iron as I always say, and this is something I'd like to see happening in the near future. Not only will it be fun, dropping with and against one another, but it'll allow folks to meet and get to know folks from the other Battalions that they might not get a chance to hang out with much and have some combined battalion after-action reports. This leads me into the next point I'd like to discuss.

Fourth, Captain Kwibl proposed this (rather brilliant in my mind) idea to form a think tank consisting of members of each battalion to monitor the metagame of MWO and share observations to ensure that we can maintain a solid basis of what is and isn't competitive. This kind of thing will go a long way in making sure we have that extra edge in the 8 (and eventually 12) man matches. Being able to see what works and what doesn't work in each respective time zone. More on this as we get it organized, but if you're interested in participating, let your Battalion command chain know!

Fifth, our current donations for the month are $105.00! Thank you to everyone who has donated! This will go a long way towards covering the cost of our web host for the website as well as preparing for re-upping the TeamSpeak next June. Please know that I will not ask anyone to donate, and if you have to choose between donating to MWO or DHB, I ask you to donate some funds to MWO so we have a great game to keep playing for years to come! With that said, all donations made are humbly appreciated by not only myself, but everyone here, because of the donations we receive we are able to make sure we always all have a place to play Mechwarrior (and other games too of course!) together with a solid TeamSpeak and amazing looking website. I don't mind saying, I think we're the best, and best looking, Mercenary Corp in MWO! Thank you all once more

Sixth, Tice Daurus is putting together DHB news articles for the website, if you'd like to write one to give to him, or help him with one, please feel free to message him and let him know! It's a cool way to add some immersion and set DHB apart from other units out there.

Lastly, I'll be (finally!) scheduling a Battalion wide meeting later this month, probably in the last weekend in June. I'll be making an announcement about this in the pilots lounge in the near future, so please be on the lookout for that. This will likely be set up to be done in two sessions, so that if some pilots can't make the first, they can hopefully make the second. The same information will be covered in both, and both will be recorded as well so in the event someone can't make either, they can listen and catch up at least after the fact.

With that, I'll close this light novel I've written and go prepare for a night of work here! Thank you all for reading, and thank you all for being what makes DHB an awesome place to be, play, and have fun!
I'll see you rowdy lot dirt side in the mean time. Be good, or be good at it!

Colonel Havoc
Death's Hand Brigade
"Strength Through Unity"

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