Raid on DHB Garrisoned Halloran V Weapon Facility

Inner Sphere News Network - Harlech, Outreach - June 6, 3050

Leaked news reports today from the Death's Hand Brigade Compound suggest that a large element of the Grey Ghost's battalion has failed to report after ending a contract providing private security in the Sarna March. This chilling report comes mere days after the loss of contact with a Long Tom artillery manufacturing site operated by the Corvatti Corporation on Halloran V. The Brigade had been contracted as security for these sites recently and rumors of several contract disputes resolving from provided living conditions sites at various corporate properties have left people wondering if the site was attacked while its forces sat dormant.

At press time no confirmation was available from the Brigade's public affairs office but rumors in the sometimes volatile Sarna March have stated that the brigade may have remained idle while the sites were looted by raiders or Death Commandos, or that the battalion itself had seized resources from protected sites.

The MRB has confirmed it is investigating the situation.


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