Company of Mechwarriors Leaves The FRR; Joins DHB


Inner Sphere News Network - Outreach, Solaris VII – June 20, 3050

A entire company of Mechwarriors and their Battlemechs from the Shieldwall of Rasalhauge have left today due to continual unpaid work under an expired contract. While the SoR remains loyal to the Free Rasalhauge Republic, the departing unit stated that they fulfilled their contract with the FRR, would not look to renew another contract term with the Rasalhauge government via the Shieldwall, and would seek employment elsewhere.

"We chose to leave due to a continuing decline in the lack of support from the Republic, and continual obstacles in the good faith working negotiations with the Republic and the Shieldwall," the anonymous source said. The company from the Shieldwall of Rasalhauge landed on Outreach today, and within a matter of 72 hours signed interim contracts to be brought into the multi-battalion force of the Death's Hand Brigade under the European Battalion. In a press announcement, Captain Kwibl on behalf of the Death's Hand Brigade gave the following statement:

"As a representative for the European Battalion of the Death's Hand Brigade, we wish to welcome our new members into the unit; the addition of these new members will be a significant improvement to our Battalion's strength. We also wish to state that we hold no ill will to the Free Rasalhauge Republic nor the Shieldwall relating to contract disputes. Per our investigation of the situation, the Shieldwall was already working well past their contract without pay during re-negotiations, thus there was no violation of contract dispute with the MCRB.
The Death's Hand Brigade seeks to uphold all laws, statutes, and regulations of the MCRB. As a former member of the MCRB, DHB evaluated their contract and found no obstacles incorporating the former members of Shieldwall into our unit. Thank you, no further questions please."

Jarl Korgesson from the FRR was quoted saying "This matter is of a minimal concern for us, we have more urgent matters right now." When asked about the Death's Hand Brigade taking them in, Korgesson declined further comment and told ISNN reporter Trisha Towanaka that he had "more important matters than to discuss some upstart mercenary unit who think that they are the next Wolf Dragoons."

ISNN will continue to monitor the situation for breaking events.


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