Verthandi and Refugees Sign Up With Gray Death Legion; rumors of 'unknown invaders'

A CNB Special Report

June 27th, 3050

After losing their planet to unknown invaders, many Verthandians have opted to apply for service with the famed Gray Death Legion. Of note is the high number of applicants with extensive experience as industrial mech techs or pilots. Experience that not only made many of them ideal candidates for the Mechwarrior and Tech training programs but also for service with the Anti-Mech Infantry. Colonel Grayson Death Carlyle was quoted saying that he would "use all of his resources to help bring in and shelter any Verthandi ans wishing refuge on Sudesten, and if they wish to serve, they are more than welcome to do so." 
Col. Carlyle had also said that he had received communication from former Gray Death Legion member and current leader of the Death's Hand Brigade, Colonel Andrew 'Havoc' Davis. Davis, who used to be along with several other members that had originally served with the Gray Death Legion, asked if they could also be of assistance. Col. Davis recently spoke to CNB saying "I sent a comm to Col. Carlyle asking if they needed further assistance taking in any refugees and that we would be willing to provide assistance to help shelter any refugees and to help pay for transportation to Outreach. Also if needed we’ll supply any additional assistance if requested by the Col. Carlyle and Gray Death Legion." When asked how many had escaped these 'unknown invaders', Col. Davis explained that "Grayson had said that at this point only 127 refugees escaped. But if they need any assistance, we’ll do what we can to help."

The history of the Gray Death Legion started with Grayson Death Carlyle on Trell 1 in 3024 and with their first contract with Verthandi in 3025-3026, as the Gray Death share a deep connection with the people of both Trell 1 and Verthandi. Col. Carlyle later served with House Marik for a brief time and was awarded the planet Helm for a brief time in 3028 only to have it removed later due to an elaborate frame up plan by rogue elements of the Free Worlds League and Comstar to discredit them to take the world of Helm away from them to seek the Star League cache, but the Gray Death Legion eluded capture and found the famed Helm Memory Core in 3028 which exonerated them and proved their innocence of the charges later on.

From there the Gray Death served in 3039 again House Kurita in Altais, and shortly after that in 3041, Lt. Andrew Davis along with several others served with the Gray Death for a couple of years, only to leave later on due to personal differences. Col. Davis left, resigning his commission with the Gray Death Legion and started the Death's Hand Brigade. For the first couple of years afterwards there was some tension between the two Colonels, due to copyright and the differences they shared, but that has seemed to have settled down and turned into a friendship over the years. Since then, the two units still have some ties to this date. The Gray Death Legion are currently now in Sudesten, while the Death's Hand Brigade are currently still stationed on Outreach.


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