Death's Hand Brigade Sees Minor Conflict On Two Worlds

ISN Network Reporting – June 25th, 3050

After a tense stand-off on the icy region of Ryde, the Death’s Hand Brigade 2nd Battalion entrenched the 1st company of Grey Lancers in an cold standoff that almost turned ugly. The Grey Lancers battalion, the 1st Skye Jaegers landed on Ryde with the intent to take the world in force, as they were initially contracted to attack the world. But after the Skye Jaegers had seen the overwhelming forces that awaited them as they landed in force, the DHB were able to dissuade the shaky determination of the 1st Skye Jaegers to pull them away from an attack on the region's main barracks, located in the crest of small mountain range in the area on Ryde’s main continent. After initial scouting and some probing attacks from the 1st Skye Jaegers, the 2nd DHB Battalion, known as the "Beer Drinkers & Hellraisers" had then received an open band transmission from the 1st Skye Jaegers, who then said that they would rather forfeit their contract and retreat than suffer the loss of all their mechs in an attack on region main barracks location, rather than risk suicide. DHB’s 2nd Battalion offered that if the 1st Skye Jaegers immediately board their dropship and leave in the next 15 minutes, there would be no hostilities and they would be allowed to leave. The Grey Lancers immediately followed suit and jumped back out of system in a high G burn to reach their jumpship and departed the Ryde system.

The Skye Jaegers have since entered into negotiations with DHB's 4th Battalion over contracts to attack their original contractors, the CEF. They have not commented on whether the overwhelming power displayed in the defenses at Ryde influenced this change of heart or if the switch was already in the plans due to the CEF sending them into a position with dubious intel and little support provided.

Also in the news, DHB's 3rd Battalion, the Grey Ghosts, were rumored to have attacked a mercenary unit of Pheonix Dominion in a surprise raid in the Midway system. PhD had believed themselves to be alone in their section of space until dropships with 'a Skull and four fingers on a red and black background', which seemed to match DHB's 3rd Battalion emerged into the space around the system of Midway. While the Grey Ghosts of the DHB attacked in a raider fashion, reports from an anonymous source from official channels said that 3rd Battalion were on a "secret contract" from an "unknown employer" to raid a highly lucrative business complex. PhD had said that they were raided by "pirates, hell bent to deprive them of everything" and that they were "hit hard by these pirate forces and had no alternative but to retreat and abandon their contracted world." Losses from the PhD were reported as somewhat heavy with a loss of a several mechs and that the industrial complexes around the area were looted of large sums of cash, stocks, gold, and plans for new industrial procedures for a new computer chip design to be used for sensor arrays used in Battlemech production. 
Short range communications received by civilian traffic around an oddly dark sector of local space reported hearing communications that were captured as hearing "We made off with 40 million doubloons, a few Atlai, one 'o them there stalkers an a 90 ton sheep shaggin’ monstrosity, while our Atlas went down like a tavern wench but it looks like the techs did get 'er goin’ again." The speaker was believed to be a disgruntled Canadian by origin. Experts say the man may be Nihilistic. While there are conflicting reports from both sides regarding this battle, it finally seems that the Death's Hand Brigade has indeed found contracts and that they’re once more making headlines again.


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