DHB Announces Contract Openings

ISN Network Reporting – May 7, 3051, Outreach

Colonel Andrew “Havoc” Davis of the Death's Hand Brigade has recently announced that the Death's Hand Brigade is now providing offers for new MechWarrior contracts.  Colonel Davis issued this statement on MercNet:

"With the increase in activity in the periphery and other internal areas, the Death's Hand Brigade is looking to bolster forces to increase capabilities for taking on new and expanded client contracts.  While this is a good problem to have, we simply do not have enough pilots to meet demand.  This is an excellent opportunity for new or disenfranchised MechWarriors to join [DHB] and make their mark on history.  We welcome any interested parties to contact our HR department for details and applications."

Potential MechWarrior applicants should contact the Death's Hand Brigade Human Resources department for further information.


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